Our premium quality foil wrapping systems allows you to create that unique look for your car while protecting its original paintwork from environmental abrasion and UV bleaching and hence retaining the cars resale value.

Our customizable series of car wraps are a flexible, reliable and stylish way to wrap your vehicle. These designs are scalable to fit a variety of vehicle sizes. These stylish layouts are a cost effective approach to a custom designed one off vehicle wrap but still allow for custom modifications to be made that enable us to make your vehicle wrap entirely suited to your taste.


Beat the heat with our premium window films coming all the way from USA and Germany. Select from a wide range of tint shades and say goodbye to the summer heat while protecting your car interior from the harmful rays! Your car will thank you for the treatment !

Our car tints come with lifetime warranty along with free servicing in case of damage.


Say goodbye to dull colors with our premium nano ceramic coating. Protect your vehicle inside out with our finest range of ceramic coating and drive yourself away from the stress of UV, Bugs, weather erosion and other scratches. 


Protect your car from elements with this high performance invisibles protection foil that covers the cars bodyworks without changing the colour and protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters and minor abrasions.

The benefits of Paint Protection film range from cosmetic security to enhanced durability. PPF keeps your car looking newer for longer by defending it from damage caused by rocks, road debris and winter sand.

PPF should last from 5 to 10 years.


Restore your interior leather/fabric with our premium car detailing services. Once again make it look like its coming straight from the showroom! Our services also include Rims restoration and rims protection that help to protect the rim against damage caused by bumps and other off-road obstacles. In addition to this we also provide rims and calipers painting to give your car the look to be noticed!


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